Data Release

The Asian Barometer Survey is a cross-national survey project. The success of the project required collaboration among the thirteen participating country/territory teams and the funding support from many national and transnational sources. Under the data-sharing agreement among our East Asian collaborators, we have made our merged dataset and all the variables contained in our core questionnaire freely accessible to scholars and experts worldwide upon application. Under the same agreement, however, our data release policy does not cover country-specific variables that some country teams have collected out of their own resources and for their own research purposes. The Asian Barometer Survey has no authority over the release of these country-specific data except for data from the surveys conducted in Taiwan, which are directly administered by the ABS headquarters in Taipei. We are happy to share the data from Taiwan-specific items which cover partisanship and national identity with any Taiwan-based scholars and students. Anyone who would like to gain access to country-specific variables from other countries and territories should contact the individual country team from the country in question directly.


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