【Announcement】We are looking for 1 postdoctoral research



【Applicant】:Hoover Center for East Asian Democracy, National Taiwan University School of Social Sciences

【Quota】: 1 full-time postdoctoral researcher

[Employment Date]: Starting from June 1, 2011; applicants should have obtained a doctoral degree before May 30, 2011 (inclusive); the appointment is once a year, and whether to renew the appointment depends on the evaluation results.

【Salary】: According to the salary scale of post-doctoral researcher (level) of National Taiwan University.

[Application Deadline]: Until April 29, 111 (take the postmark as proof).

【Conditions for application】:

Qualifications: Graduates from social sciences or natural sciences at home and abroad with a doctorate degree.Areas of Expertise: Social Science Research Methods, Statistical Methods, Election Studies, Democratization, Regional Studies, East Asian Politics and Economics.Job content: need to comprehensively manage various businesses of the center.Required skills: proficient in English writing, spss, stata and other statistical software.【Attached information】:

Photocopy of the graduation certificate of the highest academic degree (foreign academic qualifications must be checked by Chinese embassies abroad).Transcript of the highest academic degree (foreign academic qualifications must be checked by Chinese embassies abroad).Chinese resume and autobiography (English is also acceptable).Important academic works (including doctoral dissertations).A letter of recommendation.identification document.Other supporting documents that are helpful for review.【contact method】:

Please send the relevant application materials by registered mail to:

Hoover Center for East Asian Democracy, Faculty of Social Sciences, National Taiwan University, No. 1, Section 4, Roosevelt Road, Daan District, Taipei 10617

At the same time, send the emails of "Chinese resume and autobiography (also in English)" and "important academic works (including doctoral dissertation)" to the mailbox of the person in charge (u81060012005@gmail.com). will not be accepted; please attach a return envelope for returns).

Contact Person: Miss Zhao Peiru

Contact number: (02) 3366-3366 ext. 55678

E-mail: u81060012005@gmail.com