Panel Discussion On “Is Democracy In Crisis?” At The Asan Plenum 2019 On April 23-24, 2019.



Professor Yun-han Chu, Principal Director of the Asian Barometer Survey participated in a panel discussion on the topic “Is Democracy in Crisis?” in Seoul on April 24 as part of the Asan Plenum 2019. The panel discussed the state of democracy around the globe in the face of the emergence of authoritarian strongmen in countries such as Turkey, Russia, and the Philippines, as well as the rise of populism in mature democracies, exemplified by the Brexit vote and Trump’s election in 2016. In his opening remarks, Professor Chu mentioned that Larry Diamond’s warning in 2007 that the world is now entering a global “democratic recession” has been proven true. Panelists engaged in a wide ranging discussion of causes of the current democratic malaise and potential ways out of it. The full panel discussion can be viewed HERE.

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