【Lecture】The Democratic Boom-Bust Cycle In The Philippines.



►Speaker: Julio C. Teehankee (Professor of Political Science and International Studies, De La Salle University Manila, Philippines)

►Moderator: Kai-ping Huang (Assistant Professor, Department of Political Science, National Taiwan University)

►Title:The Democratic Boom-Bust Cycle in the Philippines.

►Time: 14:30–16:00,  March 28, 2019►Venue:512 Conference Room, Center for East Asia Democratice Studies, College of Social Sciences Bldg. 


The Philippines prides itself in being one of the oldest democracies in the Asia. However, the quality of its democracy has been found wanting. Despite its rich democratic tradition, the country has not been able to reduce centuries old socioeconomic inequalities that have sustained clientelistic politics. The continuing failure to consolidate and deepen democracy has negatively impacted on its quality of governance. This country study charts the various structural and institutional arrangements and accommodations that have resulted in the country’s defective democratization. Using historical and contemporary process tracing, this study hopes to provide a nuanced understanding of the democratic and not so democratic trajectory that the country continues to experience. By mapping, this Philippine study provides a lens to see the conditions, depth and alterations within the course of pursuing democratization from the Third Republic (1946-1972) to the Fourth Republic (1972-1986), until the current Fifth Republic (1986-present).


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