"Update Notice": The Fifth Wave of China Survey Data



On behalf of the Asian Barometer Survey, I would like to sincerely apologize for the problem of reversed labels that appeared in the Wave-5 China data file (release_W5_China_20230331, previously released from April 1 to April 29, 2023), specifically appearing in Q8-Q15, Q17, Q39-Q44, Q46, Q53-Q55, Q82, Q84-Q85, Q160A-Q160D, and Q161. The latest update (release_W5_China_20230502, publicly released starting May 2, 2023) has already corrected all of these problems, so please use the current version of the Wave-5 ABS China Survey. We will increase our diligence to prevent similar oversights from happening in the future.


Min-Hua Huang

Director of ABS